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Safe, Soft and Healthy Bubble Baths for Children


For those who remember the Abracadabra Children’s Bubble Bath Packets, this is a re-release of a great 80’s bath line. The package has been improved from the one-ounce paper packet to a two-and-a-half ounce foil packet. The foil package adds durability to the shelf life and the colorful graphics make a great display for children to enjoy.



Bath time is a great time for calming and relaxation and every child loves a bubble bath. All bubble baths use something to make bubbles in the bath. To make a bubble requires an acid to bridge waxes in the water chain. To do this, most commercial bubble baths are made from cheap petroleum detergents like benzene sulfonate that are drying to the skin because they can quickly dissolve the natural skin oils. Some bubble ingredients like sodium laurel sulfate* (SLS) are milder, but still contain a petroleum chain in their molecular structure. ABRA Therapeutics uses laurel acetate**(LAL), an All-Vegetable bubble bridge with great mildness. In fact, it is the mildest surfactant available. Basically, it makes bubbles using coconut oil waxes, but does not dissole the skin oils and is made without sulfuric acid.


ABRACADABRA has sold over TWENTY million packets over 30 plus years without ever having an irritation complaint! That’s a great safety record.


In addition, the all-vegetable bubbles are non-ethoxalated and nitrosamine and 1, 4 dioxane-free and they are totally bio-degradable and safe as they pass through our water tables.


The popular scents are made with natural essential oils, not fragrance perfumes and the herbals are formulated to be soothing to the skin. Great for Children, Great for Moms and Dads!


Thank you,

Warren Raysor, Founder and Formulator


*sulfonates and sulfates from sulfuric acid (petroleum)

**acetate from acidic acid (vinegar)

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