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PMS THERAPY SEA SALT BATH- Wild Yam & Vitex, Jar 16oz

2.00 LBS

Product Description


PMS Therapy Bath is used to promote the relaxation necessary to rebalance and calm anxiety due to hormone hyperactivity. With  herbals of wild yam (Dioscorea villosa) and vitex (Agnus-castus)

Few moments add to the stress and strain of daily routine than anxiety from hormone adjustments. When things seem to be going in a downward spiral or mood swings are causing stress or physical cramps are causing painful discomfort, use the ABRA PMS Therapy bath to restore mental and physical harmony. Regain the lost vision of calmness and soothe muscle contractions in the comfort of healing water. Circulation is the key to processing hormone and nervous signaling in the body and the ingredients of this bath are directed to relieve the system of this kind of stress.

Directions: Pour desired amount into running bath water, about one capful per average bathtub. Swirl to dissolve. Bathe for 20 minutes. After 10 minutes massage skin with a loofah or brush to increase benefit. Keep temperature to an ideal 100F-102F For excellent results use this “bath-tent” technique, bring an extra bath towel into the water with you. Wet it and drape it over your knees sticking out of the water. This will encourage greater circulation and heat in the body. Have a cool wet washcloth ready for your forehead, as you sink into the comfort and warmth of the bath. Immediately after the bath drink a tall glass of water. This is an ideal bath before nap or bedtime. Always avoid a chill, keep a robe ready and an extra blanket on the bed. Safe for spas and hot tubs.

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