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Do We Do Animal Testing

Posted on 31st Jul 2013 @ 9:44 AM

I get asked this question frequently - We do not test on animals, although we do sometimes test on each other.  We do not have a parent company.  Our owner is an herbalist and has been making wonderful skin care products using natural and organic ingredients since the mid 70's with our own essential oil and herbal blends.

When people ask this question it always makes me laugh a little because I was holding one of our products that I wanted a friend to check out and had our Sun Conure, Lucy on my shoulder.  When I took the lid off, it smelled so good that before I realized what she had in mind she had gone across my shoulder and down my arm to get a taste of the scrub.  While I don't recommend that you let your bird taste our products I was not worried that it would harm her in any way. We use very high quality natural ingredients.

In our ABRA Family we have a combined pet family of 15 dogs, 6 cats, 1 bird, several donkeys and horses,  too many fish to count including a shark, a couple of snakes, as well as many turtles, lizards, and frogs and the occasional spider. So if we use an ABRA product on one of them, it is because they got sunburned and need a little Recovery Serum tlc to soothe their skin or something of that nature.