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Pledge of Purity

“Creating Therapeutic Skin Care is more than blending the most popular herbs and vitamins. It is a dedication to growing, harvesting, and understanding the healing properties of plants. It is knowing that a plant is only as good as the soil in which it is grown. It is a commitment to use only the highest quality actively therapeutic herbals, vitamins, minerals and essential oils. It is our Personal Pledge of Purity.”

Arie and Warren Raysor. Founder and Formulator of ABRA Therapeutics

Dear ABRA Friend,

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our company and the products we offer.

For  the past  45 years  I have  dedicated  myself  to  herbal  research, formulation and education. My interest in healing plants began early in life, so, in 1970, I began cultivating medicinal plants in my own garden, and giving "plant-side" lectures on organic gardening to anyone who passed through my garden gate. Today I maintain a specimen garden, actually an integrated field, of over a hundred medicinal and rare herb plantings.

In the late 1960's, as part of a small group of alternative thinkers, I began formulating herbal products for the first Natural Food Stores springing up across America. In the beginning the whole idea of using nature's wondrous gifts to nurture, nourish and heal our bodies was once again just beginning to be recognized as the most pro-active form of a healthy lifestyle. In 1972 I  began  an  herbal  mail  order  company  and  founded  a medicinal tea company, that has grown into one of the most successful tea companies in the  natural  industry. I also  founded an organic seed company featuring over 300 varieties of herbals for home gardeners. I also began a personal care line based on the healing properties of water and herbal science.

In  1995, when  my  wife, Arie, and I  decided  to join our dreams and resources, the ABRA Therapeutic product line was born. We knew that we had all the resources necessary to make the finest natural personal care products in the world. We knew we had a vast amount of experience to share, and we believed that a successful life meant living our visions.

Today, the ABRA Therapeutic line has many loyal customers. My plant resources reach far beyond my garden gate, and my path has led me to some of the most exciting botanical sanctuaries in the world. We have taken an active stand against the devastation of tree harvests such as sandalwood and rosewood, and the wild-harvesting of depleted medicinal plants like ginseng and golden seal. We support several organizations that are dedicated to the preservation of endangered plants.

My wife and I are blessed to live our dreams and our values, and to bring the wondrous gifts of nature to your door.

Thank you for your interest in Nature, and the Natural Path.

Warren Raysor

Who We Are

Warren Raysor

Herbal Formulator/CEO

Other  couples have often asked me what it's like to work with my wife. The best way  to describe  our partnership  is total  sharing, listening,   and support. Together we aim to achieve specific goals. Once we decided to start our new company, ABRA Therapeutics, we made a list of our values and how we could put these values into action through our business, our products, and  our  personal  life. Arie is a stickler  for detail. She loves beauty. Her sense  of  esthetics, her quest for  purity and  honesty,  her dedication to education, all come together in the way we run our business and  live  our lives. Her motto  is "In a world full of choices - our choices change the world." For me, every choice I make is a statement about who I am and what I believe. Together we have made a difference.

Arie Raysor

Director of Educational Development

From the beginning I knew that I wanted to work with Warren. His passion for nature, incredible knowledge of healing herbs, and spiritual philosophy was the perfect foundation for wellness products. As an herbal educator, consultant, and formulator for natural health companies, he would develop the most incredible herbal lotions, moisturizers, masks and baths - skin care  and body  care products  that really made a difference in the way I looked and felt. He stays incredibly busy with company priorities yet still spends hours a day in his gardens. My girlfriends would come over and our home  would  turn  into  a spa. We  felt so  luxurious. The  smell of the essential oils, soft music, our heads wrapped in clean white towels, masks and creams on our faces. We'd talk for hours. That's when I knew we had something very special. And I wanted to share it.