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The ABRA Baths are dedicated to Health and Healing. They are a blend of several water activating minerals and treatment botanicals. Each bath is for a specific purpose. The formulas create the perfect herbal and essential oil healing bath to target specific conditions. The Bath is the original ‘patch delivery system”. The basic principle of the patch is: Water on the surface of the skin for ten minutes will hydrate the stratum-cornium (the skins barrier layer) and allow the body to absorb active ingredients through the skin. Soaking ten minutes in the water is like a full body patch. Our baths take advantage of this natural process. The minerals must do two things. First, they must keep the “active ingredients” suspended in the water so they are available when the skin hydrates. Secondly, it is just as important to block unwanted “water treatment” chemicals. This is done in our formula by mineral “suspension”, (the act of suspending the good ingredients in the water body), and also by a process called “agglomeration”, (the act of collecting the bad elements like water treatment chemicals into ‘gloms’ too big to be absorbed). These two mineral actions create the stage for the botanicals to have their therapeutic effect. Without our mineral formula the active ingredients the botanical formula will not be delivered. It will simply float to the surface and away from the skin.


Stress BathIt is well known that stress is a primary cause of disease and illness. This is a medically accepted fact. In our modern world nothing reduces stress in the body and mind like our Stress Therapy Bath. Stress can be defined as a build-up of tension in the muscles and connective tissues resulting in serious fatigue. Stress comes from many causes. These are mostly natural everyday causes from everyday activities including physical repetitive motion or sedentary positions, or bumping an elbow or knee, emotional encounters with others and everyday mental frustrations and anxieties, worries about the checkbook for instance!

All of these “stress groups” end up in one place, your body. How many times have you given a shoulder massage and said the words, “Your shoulder muscles are tight”, or even said, “Tight as a rock!” Now, let’s take a logical step back. All your blood and lymph vessels, and all your nerve fibers run through your muscles and connective tissues. What happens when your garden hose gets kinked up? The flow of water stops. Same thing when you carry around muscle and deep tissue stress. You are blocking the flow of your fluid and energy functions. This is what leads to sickness and disease, no flow. The purpose of the ABRA Stress bath is to relax the muscles, release the stress and allow the natural fluid and energy flow to nourish the body. If you know a person with stress conditions they will be greatly relieved by using this bath.


Cellular DetoxThe Cellular Detox formula is designed to stimulate the elimination of toxins through the skin. The skin is often called the third kidney because it can eliminate a lot of toxic waste from the body. The body naturally moves toxins toward the skin for this very reason. In our modern world we are exposed to many new toxins, including all the old ones. We now hear about “free radicals” but most people don’t know what these are. Free radicals are extremely small molecular chunks that have broken off from their original substance and are now just molecular odds and ends. Smog and smoke are full of them. The really bad ones are chunks of artificial substances because the immune system has no way of recognizing them and they build up in deposits that start inhibiting natural functions. It’s like when the garage gets so full of junk that the car won’t fit in anymore. The garage has lost its functionality. Free radicals latch onto cells via a “free” electron bond called a “radical” and start inhibiting the function of the cell. There are other toxins. Some are food additives, colors and flavors and such. Some are airborne particles from factory emissions and household chemicals, others include natural pollens, dust, microbes and particles of decay.

The body has functions to eliminate toxins but many remain undetected until the deposit becomes a site of inflammation and distress. Just as our body contains vital organs, so every cell we have contains tiny vital organs called “organelles”. The Cellular Detox Bath signals the organelles to release deeply embedded toxins through the skin. Cellular cleaning is essential for the health and wellness of the whole body and especially valuable to people recovering from toxin exposure, poor lifestyle, or long term illness.


Muscle BathSore muscles are one of the big complaints of all times. Muscle soreness is usually related to physical fitness, when a person pushes themselves to “the limit” in exercise, physical trials or contact sports. But soreness does not have to come through exertion. Sometimes it’s just a wrong movement or twist, or even a long held position like a car or plane ride, or even that uncomfortable office chair. A lot of soreness comes from sluggish circulation. In all cases the muscle fibers become stiff, cramped and sore. This is because the muscle fibers have frayed and tangles and will not extend as far as when they are loose and smooth. You know how it feels when trying to extend an arm or leg that is sore and tight. It won’t bend out all the way. The fibers have contracted. One of the beautiful things about the ABRA Muscle Bath is what is called “residual extension” and it helps the muscles recover their length of movement more quickly.

Muscle recovery also aids in performance. Athletes know how this works; The greater the relaxing phase, the greater the activity phase. On a picture graph, it’s like a wave that moves below and above the baseline. The wave mirrors itself above and below the line, the deeper the relaxing phase, the higher the activity phase. If the rest phase is shallow the performance phase is low. If the relaxing phase is deep the performance phase is high. People, including athletes, who want to perform at peak levels will benefit from deep muscle relaxation. Muscle relaxation is also linked to energy and stamina, greater flexibility and greater ease of motion, less soreness and better performance.


Cold and Flu BathColds and flu are caused by an invasion of virus type micro-organisms that upset the natural balance of a healthy body. In nature all biological forms have food value and we are no exception. We are all occasionally attacked by a hungry hoard of bad microbes. Our immune system is a complicated defense mechanism of defense cells that fight the invasions of 'cold and flu bugs'. In times like this we do everything possible to help our body fight back. A proven pro-active method of purging the body of invaders is eliminating them through the skin. Actually the body has an automatic function to do this by sweating. While the immune cells are battling on the inside, the skin performs a function called 'viral shedding'. The Cold and Flu bath takes advantage of this function and stimulates the maximum release of viral organisms through the skin. At a moderate temperature of around 100F degrees the blood circulation is stimulated to flow from the body core to the surface of the skin, where large numbers of the invading organism can be purged from the system and washed down the drain. Shedding virus this way helps the immune system cells control the infection and speed recovery to health. It is ideal to have someone help during this bath to see that the room is warm and there is an extra blanket on the bed. This bath will induce more sweating back in bed. Have them tuck you in like a mummy and have a change of sheets ready.


Sleep BathRegular deep sleep is an absolute necessity for health, yet so many people suffer from lack of sleep. The light bulb, late show and graveyard shift have brought with them some bad sleep habits. Mental anxieties and a sugar and caffeine diet have added more sleep problems also, but sleep is so important to our wellness and coping powers. The mystery of sleep is a place where time stands still and the experience of self-consciousness fades into a restful abyss of self-unconsciousness. It is a wonderful place to go. Something unknown happens there that recharges and refreshes our vital energy and our mental clarity. Sleep deprivation is both torturous and fatiguing and a sound sleep is essential to physical and mental health. It has long been known that an evening bath will promote a good nights’ sleep, and that some herbs and essential oils will help us slide into a blissful slumber. This is the purpose of the ABRA Sleep bath.


Moisture BathDeep body moisturizing comes only from a full bath. The dryer you are the more you should soak in the water. Like a sponge, your skin will rehydrate. The Earth is often called the Mother, but really, Water is the Mother of all living things. Water is life and we are water beings. Most of our body is made of water. We are part of the great water system of this planet. The same water molecules flow through all rivers, clouds, oceans and life forms. Water is liquid, solid and vapor. Water is movement and change. Water is moisture. The most important thing for health is to maintain our water body. Immersing our body into the water is a ritual of Life. The water molecules that are here today are the same molecules that have been here since life began. No new water has been added. These molecules have been churning and flowing through the water cycles for eons. Imagine the water molecules flowing through your system. They are really the same water molecules that flowed through the giant ferns of the carboniferous era, the same ones of the dinosaur era, the same ones that have plummeted onto the earth from the rain clouds a hundred times before. These are the molecules that we all share. We are Water beings.


Green Tea BathGreen Tea is a natural plant wonder that has been used for thousands of years as a pro-life tonic. Modern medical research has validated that Green Tea, a plant of the camellia family, has powerful health properties that has value in anti-cancer research. There is a lot of detailed information on the web about green tea. Although the mechanism by which the green tea works is still unclear, there is no doubt that it does have a measurable and positive effect. The bath is an excellent way to treat the whole body with a green tea solution. Baths are not only enjoyable, they can be therapeutic.


Skin Nutrition BathThe Skin Nutrition bath is a twelve herb formula bath that is a broad spectrum treatment for skin conditions. In the bath these herbs provide a healing tonic and treatment for chronic skin conditions and also as a general tonic for skin health. Herbal lore has been passed down from mother to daughter and father to son since the beginnings of human care. This knowledge is our healing and useful plant legacy. Fortunately many books from the old days survive with this ancient learning. It is a long and interesting history involving all civilizations past and present. The twelve herbs in this formula have been recommended throughout the ages for skin conditions. Notice that many of the Latin names for the herbs are termed ‘officinalis’. This means that even up to very recent times the plants were considered ‘official’ treatment herbs in the ‘official’ US and European pharmacy books. Herbs are Natures chemical factories and make complexl chemotypes that provide food and nutrition for living cells. Thousands of years of research and care have brought these plants to you, for your use now. Using herbs is a One World Family tradition.