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Keeping You on Your Toes



How important are your feet?

They take a beating all day. They support your every move and carry your weight and the weight you carry every day. Each foot has 26 bones, 20 muscles, 33 joints and over a hundred ligaments and tendons, not counting the concentration of vessels and nerves. They are the most complex skeletal engineering achievements in the animal kingdom! They are…your feet! It is reported that the old philosopher Socrates once said, “When our feet hurt, we hurt all over!” Things have not changed much since then, and indeed, poor foot care is known to be responsible for knee, hip, spinal and neck problems, as well as circulation and soft tissue illness. Chronic foot conditions that lead to other physical problems are medically well documented. Was he guessing, or just talking ancient wisdom?


Since it is estimated that 80% of the population experience some kind of foot problem, chances are that you know several people with medical foot conditions. Common conditions include:

Athletes Foot and Toe Fungus– Fungus infections that causes itching and irritation usually between the toes and into the toenails but can spread to the sides of the foot.

Arthritis – Causing great discomfort in joints, causing immobility, inflammation and deformity.

Blisters – Fluid filled painful bubbles under the skin usually caused by poor fitted shoes.

Bunions – A condition where the big toe joint bends inward and the joint becomes inflamed.

Corns and Calluses – Thick buildups of dead skin over toe joints and soles, including dry cracked heels.

Diabetic Foot – Mainly circulatory problems dealing with broken blood vessels leading to serious infection conditions, tissue decay and often – amputation!

Gout – An arthritic like condition causing uric acid deposits in the joints, especially in the big toe.

Hammertoe – A tendon contraction bending the toe joints that causes a lot of pain and deformity.

Neuropathy – Nerve conditions, many associated with diabetes, including burning, numbness, crawling, hot and cold spots, and other uncomfortable sensations due to circulatory issues.

Planter Warts and Ulcers – The planter is the sole muscle of the foot. Growths here are very irritating and any ulceration is a sign of a very serious health issue. Go to the doctor immediately!

Spurs – Calcium growths under the heel or toe bones that can cause inflammation and pain.



Listed above are just some of the common foot problems that can become serious health issues. Check your feet daily and see the doctor as soon as a condition is noticed. “Pamper your feet, and you will feel good all over!” I said that (I call it modern wisdom). Scrub, bathe and moisturize your way to health.