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Lotions with a True Purpose

ABRA Therapeutic lotions are formulated to relieve specific skin conditions. Powerful herbal formulas deliver therapeutic quantities of highly concentrated herbs and essential oils that work together to provide healing relief.

Cellular Detox Lotion – Cellular detox lotion fights free radical damage. Free radicals are unstable microscopic particles that have a free electron link called a ‘radical’ that can attach itself to a cellular molecule of your skin. Free radicals are often airborne particles that come from the traffic and industry of modern life and settle on your skin and clothing. When these particles bond with your living cells they interfere with cellular life processes. Cellular detox Lotion provides a formula of ‘free radical scavengers’ that bond to the free electrons before they bond to your cells. The herbal formula also signals detoxification processes within the cell to eliminate radicals already embedded. Use generously to detoxify skin exposed to city traffic, smog, recirculated air, second hand smoke, and airborne pollution.

Green Tea Lotion – Hundreds of scientific studies published in medical journals for over 10 years have shown that the application of green tea on the skin protects the living cells from damage due to a wide variety of environmental, sun and chemical exposures. These studies describe the benefits of green tea as having a protective and blocking effect. It seems that the green tea complex fortifies the natural resistance of the cells to fight aging factors. Used in Asia for centuries to promote long life, Green Tea Lotion is a ‘must use’ for anyone who wants to maintain the highest level of healthy and youthful skin vitality. Google ‘Green Tea Benefits’.

Moisture Revival Lotion – In 1932, Rene Gattfosse, the French Perfumer who wrote the book “Aromatherapie”, did so after healing his severely burned arm with French Lavender essential oil. When his arm caught fire in a lab accident he plunged his arm into a vat of the essential oil to extinguish the flames! To his and his doctors surprise his arm healed quickly and without scarring. As delightful as the scent of lavender is, it was the topical healing results that led him to pursue the study of essential oils as healing therapy and not just perfume ingredients. This lotion uses the same French Lavender variety researched by Gattfosse. This lotion is especially soothing for dry, peeling, burned, tanned, scarred and sun and wind burned skin.

Skin Nutrition Lotion – Herbal lore has been passed down from mother to daughter and father to son since the beginnings of human time. This knowledge is our healing plant legacy and has been saved in many books that have survived from the old days, centuries before the printing press. This 12 herb formula includes herbs that have been recommended over the ages for difficult skin conditions. Notice that many of the herbal ‘Latin’ names are called ‘official’ due to their high status in the US, British and German medical books of the 19th and 20th centuries. Listen to the knowledge of your ancestors – trust in the healing power of Nature. This lotion is valuable as a healing treatment for depleted, recovering and difficult skin conditions.