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 AN OLD WIVES TALE ….True or False? 

It has long been thought that a man’s facial skin ages more slowly than that of a woman. By comparison, the skin of a fifty year old man is usually smooth, with few lines. It has a healthy tone, is smooth, and is fairly firm. In contrast, a woman of the same age usually has dry skin with enlarged pores, significantly more lines and poor skin tone. Many explanations for this phenomenon have been offered. Some say that a woman’s skin is more delicate and thus more sensitive to environmental damage. Others will say that it is a result of using too much makeup and beauty agents. Sociologists may contend that it is an unfair perception and everyone ages at the same rate. However, the more popular rational has to do with men’s shaving habits. Every day the top layer of dry skin cells is removed along with beard stubble. Not only does this make the skin look smooth and soft, but the act of physically removing the dead cells also stimulates cells in the lower layers of the epidermis to reproduce more quickly. This ensures a constant and even supply of healthy young cells to all layers.


Until the mid-twenties, skin cell renewal is not a problem. Young bodies are healthy and active enough to maintain good cell regeneration without assistance. At some time around thirty years of age the growth rate of cells begins to decrease and continues to decline. By age sixty, cellular regeneration is about half that of a twenty year old. The slowdown is visible in the deterioration of the skin’s surface. The skin begins to become dry and lined because of irregular regeneration patterns in the lower levels. Although the decline in cell production is equal among both men and women, the daily mechanical act of shaving provides a hidden benefit for the male skin tone. The “outside-in” removal of dry skin cells from the surface stimulates NEW cell growth, and a younger looking face. This is the purpose of the ABRA Skin Refining Scrubs.


Women need not begin to shave their face daily to improve their complexion, but, it is important to include “Exfoliation” into your daily beauty routine as soon as possible. ABRA provides three levels of natural exfoliation scrubs; Peppermint & Oats, an invigorating scrub for younger skin types or blemished skin conditions, Grapefruit & Bamboo, a refreshing scrub for combination “T-Zone” skin types and Lavender & Loofah, our softest scrub for delicate and sensitive skin.

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