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Bubble Baths are fun to take especially for children, but some parents have concerns about irritation and even infection!

Bubble Baths are fairly recent history. In the beginning years of bubble baths, say in the 1950’s, the bubble ingredients were petroleum detergents which are very strong oil and grease cutters. These belong to the petrochemical “sulfonate” group, naimly sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate (notice the ‘fonate’ at the end). Seniors will remember early ads on TV in the 1950’s where the dish soaps were shown to give people, “Dish Pan Hands”, red blotchy skin and cracking nails. The ad sold relief from this with “Living Gloves”, rubber gloves to wear while washing. These same …sulfonates found their way into children’s bubble baths (and still do!). Inexpensive bubble baths still use them to this day! The irritations that many children got, and still get, are due to the harshness of these inexpensive sulfonates simply because it is so strong it dissolves the protective skin oils. The reason there is a law to put irritation warnings on “all” bubble and foaming bath products is because of the sulfonates.

To save the day, (and the hands and bottoms of many), came the vegetable oil Sodium Lauryl Sulfate group (SLS) in the 60’s and 70’s. Notice the ‘fate’ ending. Although more expensive it was much milder. It makes a lot of bubbles but does not dissolve oil and grease like the sulfonates. It was so mild that you could throw away your living gloves! TV ads now compared Moms hands with her daughter’s hands showing that you could not tell the difference between the two! SLS also made safer bubble baths and an explosive range of NEW ’everyday’ shampoos.

In recent years SLS has been suffering from some unfounded health prattle which have been disproven, however our problem with the SLS is that the manufacturing process requires using the petrochemical sulfuric acid in the manufacturing process.


For over 30 years ABRA Bubble Baths have used Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate as the bubble maker. The manufacturing process replaces sulfuric acid with a vinegar acid, acidic acid, and the product becomes an ALL VEGETABLE BUBBLE…no petrochemicals involved! AND, IT IS EVEN MILDER THAN SLS!

For over 30 years and millions of bubble baths we are proud to say we have never had an irritation complaint! Never. That’s making people happy!

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