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Sea Salt Baths

The ABRA Sea Salt Baths are made from the salt sediments of an ancient inland sea once part of the ancient “super continent” called Pangea (no relation to the film). The salt crystals were formed millions of years before the dinosaurs roamed and are absolutely pollutant free! When the earth was young, volcanic, and restless, great tunnels were formed that filled with seawater and crystalized. The crystals are full of micro-minerals and are some of the purist forms of sea salt on the planet. According to many water therapists a sea salt bath is toning and relaxing to the body, relieves tension, and stimulates circulation. Benefits have been described as helpful in relieving dark moods and depression, increasing energy levels, warming up the body, and being refreshing and tonic to the skin and muscles.

The ABRA Sea Salt Baths couple the ABRA Therapeutic Herbal Formulas with these Sea Salt Crystals for great healthy bathing experiences.

Stress Therapy Bath-with Valerian, St. Johnswort and Hops

All your blood vessels, all your nerve fibers, and all your lymphatic drains pass through your muscles. What happens to these channels when the muscles are tight with stress? The fluid motions and circulations of energy are blocked. Areas of the body become deprived of nourishment and are unable to flush toxins from the fluid layers. This is the main reason that stress is considered the beginning cause of all disease. The ABRA Stress Therapy formula is made to relax muscle tension and promote free movement of intercellular fluids and energy patterns throughout the body. Stress comes in many forms, from work and peer pressure to worry and physical strain. Most of us are unaware of how much stress we carry around from day to day. It is recommended that a full emersion Stress Therapy Bath be taken at least once a week to release stress and tension buildups and stimulate healthy fluid motion in the body.