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Body Scrubs

In the book ‘Back to Eden’ Jethro Kloss writes that salt scrubs are a “vigorous circulatory stimulant”. ABRA’s revolutionary formula uses a water-soluble volcanic ash as a principle ingredient to add softening and conditioning effects to the skin. The low oil formula reduces the greasy feel and avoids the dangers of slippery tub and the low sea salt content prevents excess skin dehydration. Enjoy a NEW KIND OF SCRUB!

Green Tea Body Scrub

green-tea-body-scrub.jpgWe use the amazing 'vitalizing' properties of  Green Tea Leaves to fortify your skin cells against age causing factors. These fortifying effects are well documented in study after study showing positive immune enhancing benefits. An Oriental Lemongrass bouquet enhances your experience.

Cellular Detox Body Scrub

cellular-detox-body-scrub.jpgOur life is full of exposure to daily pollutions that cling to the surface of our skin. CELLULAR DETOX BODY SCRUB is made to neutralize these free radical pollutants and shed them from your body.  Dandelion and Burdock combine with essences of Grapefruit and Juniper for an uplifting aromatic pleasure.

Moisture Revival Body Scrub

moisture-revival-body-scrub.jpgA luxurious lavender treatment for the skin that softens and refines your skin texture and stimulates moisture retention through cellular health. Calendula and Chamomile flowers combine with French lavender and the rare Egyptian boswellia olibanum essential oils for an aromatic treat.