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SKIN NUTRITION MINERAL BATH - Calendula & Organic Vit E, Jar 17oz

1.50 LBS

Product Description


Skin Nutrition Bath is a 12-herb formula to be used as a broad-spectrum treatment for the nutritional health of the whole body made with a blend of natural minerals and twelve of the most useful healing herbs.

Over the thousands of years of accumulated herbal knowledge there are many plants that stand out as stars of the plant kingdom. The ABRA Skin Nutrition bath is formulated with 12 of the most important and most effective herbs in the herbal apothecary. The multi herb approach is a way to provide the body with a broad selection of nature’s molecules for the health and treatment of a wide variety of physical conditions. The herbs are alfalfa, calendula, borage, lemon balm, marshmallow, rosemary, yarrow, arnica, comfrey, St, John’s wort, sage, and olive leaf. Each and every one has a history as a body care herb that goes back into time where our ancestors knew and grew them for comfort and care. This great herbal legacy is now ours to love and enjoy.

Directions: Pour desired amount into running bath water, about one capful per average bathtub. Swirl to dissolve. Bathe for 20 minutes. After 10 minutes massage skin with a loofah or brush to increase benefit. Set temperature to an ideal 100F. Safe for spas and hot tubs.

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