Mineral Baths

The ABRA Baths are dedicated to Health and Healing. They are a blend of several water activating minerals and treatment botanicals. Each bath is for a specific purpose. The formulas create the perfect herbal and essential oil healing bath to target specific conditions. The Bath is the original ‘patch delivery system”. The basic principle of the patch is: Water on the surface of the skin for ten minutes will hydrate the stratum-cornium (the skins barrier layer) and allow the body to absorb active ingredients through the skin. Soaking ten minutes in the water is like a full body patch.

Our baths take advantage of this natural process. The minerals must do two things. First, they must keep the “active ingredients” suspended in the water so they are available when the skin hydrates. Secondly, it is just as important to block unwanted “water treatment” chemicals. This is done in our formula by mineral “suspension”, (the act of suspending the good ingredients in the water body), and also by a process called “agglomeration”, (the act of collecting the bad elements like water treatment chemicals into ‘gloms’ too big to be absorbed). These two mineral actions create the stage for the botanicals to have their therapeutic effect. Without our mineral formula the active ingredients the botanical formula will not be delivered. It will simply float to the surface and away from the skin.