ABRA is one of the few companies that still make their own herbal extracts to guarantee potency and freshness. Their products are used and recommended by health care practitioners and massage therapists. They make their hydrotherapy baths in small, controlled batches with high percentages of certified organic herbs and essential oils to insure therapeutic dosages. Stress Therapy Bath contains herbal extracts of Valerian Root, St. Johns Wort and Hop Flowers with a wonderfully soothing blend of lavender, chamomile, nutmeg and eucalyptus essential oils. I always take their convenient 3 oz. packets on the road with me and keep a large jar near my tub. It is the perfect way to end a stressful day.
Dr. Jorge Martinez
My name is Sally Pritchett and I used to work at the TARA Spa. I took over 14 pages of notes at one of your product trainings and concepts of hydrotherapy and treasure that information. As a healthy living coach, massage practitioner and personal trainer, I have the opportunity to recommend ABRA's high integrity products all the time. I would like to comment on a new use I have for the Therapeutic Bath Treatments. I use the salts in my "salt glow" treatments because the boron minerals in your bath treatments soften the skin instead of drying it out the way so many other salt products will. I got to thinking about the way the products work and wondered how they would be for preparing the skin for cleansing. I then experimented with the Cellular Detox Bath as a warm soak for the face prior to cleansing the delicate facial tissue. Wow! Was my skin soft! I now alternate between the Moisture Therapy Bath and Cellular Detox Bath Treatments, and my face is softer than ever before. Thanks again, and if you ever do any more education in my area, I would love to attend.
Sally Pritchett
Carmel, California
Today, the word natural or organic is used on almost every skin care product. The problem is that little is revealed about the effective-ness, quality, or amount of herbal ingredient in the formula. The $2.99 "herbal moisturizer" makes the same herbal claim as a $200.00 "herbal moisturizer". This makes it difficult to identify authentic natural products that offer value as well as therapeutic results. Information on the label's ingredient panel can only help determine what is in a product, not the amount of herbal ingredients, nor the product's freshness, quality or potency. So it takes a bit of research to find products that are truly therapeutic. The reason I chose ABRA Skin Care is because the products are like topical nutritional supplements. The company is owned by an herbalist, not a marketing or distribution firm. They grow many of their own herbs, make their own extracts, and formulate herbal blends that combine standardized and whole herb extracts for topical skin nutrition. They use only organic herbs and actually list percentages of herbal extracts on their skincare treatments. I use the products daily on my clients and myself because I have confidence in the ingredients. They make my skin feel and look good.
Aimee Le, Esthetician
Salon de La Soul
After a 7 week course of radiation therapy for breast cancer, I was left with a bruise colored burn from the intense localized radiation. A month later I found your product, Cellular Detox Lotion, for my holistic regimen. I used it all over and a little extra on the discolored area. Two days later I looked and then did a double take. The color had faded by 50%!!! The doctors from Virginia Maron Seattle and University of Washington were surprised that I healed so quickly (top 8th in the nation). It is now been three years since I completed that course of radiation therapy. I wanted to write sooner but have been busy changing my lifestyle, going organic, etc. I hope you can target "post treatment" women and men in your marketing. Let me know if I can help. You have great products.
Yvonne Mokkill
Seattle, Washington
I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your Aromasaurus Rex Bath is. I have an autistic son who is 10 years old. Ever since he was born I have had a difficult time getting him to sleep and stay asleep. Once getting past the infant stage, age 1 1/2–4 years, he would wake up every night and stay awake 1 to 3 hours. Needless to say this was quite a drain on my own sleep and my husband ís and two other children. Finally, I found Aromasaurus Rex. I tried it—giving him a bath about one hour before bedtime. Miracle of miracles—he slept through the night. This happened repeatedly. When I gave him a bath with Aromasurus Rex, he would fall asleep. If I didn't, he would wake up. I also found that it would calm him down from one of his fits. I brought it with me to family reunions. Sometimes the crowds would make him very agitated. I told other families with autistic children about it and they love it too! So please do not stop making it. It has allowed us more calmness in the house and has improved all our of sleep. Thank you.
Mrs. Vicki Henry
St. Cloud, MN
I am 20 years old and for the past 10 years I have suffered with chronic cystic acne. My skin is very fair and sensitive, and finding a skin care line gentle enough was beginning to seem hopeless. I spent hundreds of dollars on every new product that hit the shelf or was shown on TV infomercials and nothing worked. Not until I tried ABRA! For the first time my skin is clear and soft and my need for make-up is decreasing. I feel confident enough to go out without covering my skin. And thatís not all!!! Recently I came down with a serious case of poison oak. I went to the doctor and was given medications, shots, and topical ointments, but my condition worsened. I went to work with scabby hands and swollen skin. Since I work in a beauty supply store, I felt ugly and thought the customers would be frightened of my awful appearance. Later that day, Danica, one of your educators came by. She suggested I try Cellular Gold and Recovery PhytoSerum. I tried them on my hands and felt instant relief. That night I used them on my face and within 12 hours my skinís appearance and texture was dramatically improved. I can't find words to express how grateful I am to your company and your products, and Danica for helping me. It is now 3 days since I began my treatments with your products and my hands are 80% better and my face looks great, and I am back to work with a confident smile. Nothing else I tried, even prescriptions worked as well as ABRA. There was no burning or over drying or cracking or mess. Simply soothing, moisturizing and rejuvenating. I am truly grateful and relieved. Thank you again. Sometimes the crowds would make him very agitated. I told other families with autistic children about it and they love it too! So please do not stop making it. It has allowed us more calmness in the house and has improved all our of sleep. Thank you.
Autumn Lee
Healdsburg, California
Hi there. My name is Ariel. I had just tried your "Abra Therapeutics Stress Therapy Bath" In Lavender and Camomile and I have to say that I was rather pretty impressed with this product. I felt like I was going through a rather intense detox in my bath. And that's a lot, saying that I will often bathe in green tea bags and epsom salts. Those baths helped, but this current one takes the cake. which ingredient or ingredients helps facilitate circulation and detox the best? Thank you a lot!
Your Fan
I've never written a company in my life. But I had such a great happiness happen today when I found your Dragonberry bubble bath at our new grocery store. I used to use this product as a kid. And I loved it. Loved it. I kept a packet of it for years into my adult life as a keesake. I recall studying the drawing's detail as a kid. But my keepsake one has been lost for at least two decades. And I've always looked for this product -never online I realize now- I guess I thought maybe it never really existed. Nothing more than a dream I made up maybe. But the fact that you have the same artwork!! Made my heart so happy! Thank you for keeping the same product and the wonderful drawing of the bathing Dragon. I've bought several for my kids bath in now.
Natalie C.
Hello, I have been using your collagen support cream for many years now from various organic markets. This product is wonderful and makes my skin feel youthful to the touch immediately and for many hours. For the first time I visited your website to purchase this and try other products. I would like to extend a hello and extend an invitation to you. I own and operate a website development company for over 10 years, if you are interested I would like to help you with a modern on line commerce site for your products. At very least if there is any information I can provide you on this topic that would be useful I am happy to do so. Thanks again for the great products!